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Development Path

2000-05    ·  FOUROCEAN company predecessor is Sihai.

2004-03    ·  Set up suncen machine hardware business department,gained development rights for germany DZX in-die tapping machine. The R&D department was founded, became the first professional developer and manufachurer in china, The trademark and patent of FOUROCEAN were registered in the same year.


2006-06    ·  Development of CNC servo series models to complete.

2006-12    ·  Enforce the FOUROCEAN in-die tapping machine agent system.

2007-03    ·  The combination-type tapping machine was developed.

2008-07    ·  Rename as “FOUROCEAN MANCHINERY&TOOLS CO.,LTD.”

2008-08    ·  Developed horizontal type in-die tapping machine.

2008-10    ·  The automatic cooling and lubrication system for screw tap was developed.

2010-06    ·  Moved to a new 3000m2 independent workshop which located in 2nd industrial zone,sijia,shijie town,dongguan city.

2011-01    ·  Mass production of FOUROCEAN in-die tapping machines.


2012-05    ·  Type for unlimited punch stroke was developed.

2014-08    ·  Adjustable type,anti stucked type,oblique tapping type,and tapping station are developed,obtained more than 100 patents about invention,practicalbility,and appearance.

2014-12    ·  In-mold detection technology development is completed.

2015-01    ·  Products technology upgrade to 8th generation.

2016-04  ·  In-mold chamfering technology development is completed.

2017-02  ·  Apply for national high-tech enterprises.